Earl Grey Bespoke

Custom Designs

If your floral need isn't covered in the service bar, or doesn't fall under the wedding category, tell us a little bit about your project below and we'll email you a quote for a custom bespoke design. Please submit >5 days before event.

Below are some frequently-requested designs we can create.

unique stand-alone pieces

flower crowns


event table pieces

standing spray



Event Centerpieces

All-sided urn or vessel arrangements, in Earl Grey's lush style, and designed to your color palette. 

Starting at $70.00.


Photo: Leeann Funk Photography.

Venue pictured: Thompson + Hanson Garden House


Flower crowns

Available for pick-up or delivery, these head-wreaths or 'halos' are custom made to your desired fullness and color palette, fit any size head, and can be tied-off in the back with trailing ribbons. 

Starting from $35.00.



A seasonal favorite, wreaths are available for pick-up or delivery, and are custom made with your desired color palette or season in mind. Pictured above is a Magnolia wreath. Ribbons are an optional add-on, and wreath bases are either grapevine, or a gold metal hoop.

Starting from $40.00.


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Date of desired pick-up or delivery
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